Residential Revit & Navisworks for the Estimator

Revit is a data-rich environment – Walls and roofs are represented by more than just lines. Instead they are 3D elements with embedded data capabilities.

To the estimator, this means Revit virtually builds the structure and the data can be extracted to real-time quantity takeoffs. No more counting or measuring, simply tell Revit and it will automatically count, measure, and accumulate.

VisionREZ uses Autodesk Navisworks’ simulation tool, which is bundled with your Revit software to create accurate quantity takeoffs – with the push of a button.

See 3D elements disappear as they are quantified. Elements that are not associated with a bill of material (BOM) item remain visible in the model. Simply create a rule and rerun just that item, or the whole BOM. Navisworks will remember the association and take the item off next time.

Our base functionality exports the BOM to a Microsoft® Excel pivot table that can be imported into several ERP platforms for further manipulation.