Residential Revit for the Component Manufacturer

Revit is a BIM technology that allows collaboration between all disciplines and across all functions. It’s the most widely used BIM technology and therefore has significant market share and interoperability with many other platforms.

VisionREZ uses ModelMap™ technology to import Revit model information into the Alpine IntelliVIEW component design software. IntelliVIEW uses the Revit model information to create the layout and then designs the components. The design elements can be imported back into the Revit model to coordinate MEP services.

  • Efficiency – Elements don’t have to be recreated before you can work on them
  • Accuracy – Coordination is addressed by the technology; discrepancies are addressed in the design phase – NOT on a job site
  • Visibility – Trades can coordinate much earlier in the process, reducing time and resources wasted on repairs

VisionREZ uses our proprietary ModelMap™ technology to export and import Revit model information into and out of Alpine truss design software.

By importing the model information directly into the truss design software component manufacturers can save time and increase accuracy by not having to recreate layouts. These efficiency and accuracy improvements correlates to margin and schedule improvements, which benefits both component manufacturer and builder.